Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 Great Ideas for Increasing Online Visibility

The more visible you are, the more opportunities there are to grow your business. Here are three additional ways to boost your search engine visibility — and drive next-level success. These ideas aren’t new, but take a fresh look at them now and you may find all-new opportunities for making simple, inexpensive changes that can quickly improve your local online visibility.
Leverage local affiliations. Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or Better Business Bureau? Do you belong to a local chapter of a trade or professional organization or an alumni association? For starters, make sure the names of these affiliations are spelled out in text on your website so the search engines can read them. Next, consider including affiliations in the company description you post on local search directories like Local.com. Finally, use your affiliations to create those all-important back links.
Build your online reputation. Search online for your name and the name of your business. At a minimum, you want search results to include a Facebook profile, information from the “ABOUT” page of your website and your business listing on Local.com. If you don’t have a vibrant online reputation, build it! Get yourself listed at LinkedIn or update your profile if you are already a member — and participate in — a few relevant groups.
Landing pages. Check the pages you have on your existing website. Try turning them into keyword-rich landing pages and give yourself a shot at having multiple pages from your site appear in the local search results. For instance, the SERVICES page(s) of your site is a great place to include descriptive words about your business. Remember to include the keyword information in the page tags and meta descriptor too. Check out one of ours: Search Engine Visibility
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